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Rafsanjan Rare Metals Preparation & Production co


Rafsanjan Rare Metals Preparation & Production co is the first and the largest producer of Sodium Selenate in Iran. Along research activities and the project of semi-industrial production of Selenium which was followed by the production of Sodium Selenite, the unit was fully operated in 1999. The company is registered as an industrial knowledge-based company in 2017 and is one of the largest knowledge-based companies in Kerman, Iran.

“ The company has two varieties of Selenium salt (Sodium Selenate) ”

A- Sodium Selenite in the Glass Industry: The use of this product (metal Selenium) in the glass industry provides the following advantages:

1. Further distribution and dispersal and ... In the initial mixture of glass

2. Less evaporation and environmental pollution than metal Selenium,

3. Reduce Sodium Carbonate intake in primary glass mix,

4. Far less toxicity than metallic Selenium and consequently more personnel safety.

The Selenium content of this product (Sodium Selenate) is 15% which is in the form of Sodium Selenate Na2SeO4 and the rest is Sodium Carbonate Na2Co3.

B- Another type of Sodium Selenate produced by this company is the animal feed grade Sodium Selenate, where the content of heavy metals is minimal.
The Selenium content of this type of Sodium Selenate is 10% and the rest is Sodium Carbonate.

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